Steiff - Golli Girl and Peg Doll

Steiff - Golli Girl and Peg Doll

Created by Steiff exclusively for The Toy Store in 1995, Limited Edition of 2,500. This is the first Golli Girl made by Steiff.
Florence Kate Upton was the original creator of the story book character of the "Golliwogg".
Florence was born in 1873 in Flushing, New York. Her parents were English, who had emigrated to America in 1870. Florence became a talented young artist, who decided to try her hand at illustrating her own children's story book in order to help pay for her art education. In 1895, her first book, entitled "The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls" was published by Longman's, Green and Company in London, England. The main characters in the book were the "Golliwogg" and two Dutch Dolls, Peg and Sarah Jane. The Golliwogg was based on a toy Florence had played with as a child in New York, and was probably a black 'minstrel' type doll that came from an American fair. The wooden 'Dutch' dolls were inexpensive jointed dolls from Germany (the word 'Dutch' is an anglicization of the word 'Deutsch').
Condition: Mint with certificate.
$425.00, plus Shipping and Insurance.

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