List of Books- The Great Teddy Bear Hug

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A Collector's Guide to Teddy Bears

Peter Ford, 1990 Quintet Publishing Limited

A Hug of Teddy Bears

Peter Bull, 1984 the Herbert Press Ltd.

American Teddy Bear Encyclopedia

Linda Mullins, 1995 Hobby House Press

Antique & Modern Teddy Bears, 1st Ed.

Kim Brewer and Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh, 1988 Radom House

The Bear Book

Cynthia Gaskill

The Bear Made ME Buy It. Product Advertising Bears

Joyce Gerardi Rinehart, 1999 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Bear Sightings: In Everyday Life

Dee Hockenberry, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Bears Art, Legend, History

Giorgio Coppin, 1989 Bulfinch Press

Bearland : An Irresistible Collection of More Than 500 Teddy Bears,
from Paddington Bear to Winnie-The-Pooh

Deborah Stratton

Beggar T. Bear: The History, Significance, Manufacture,
Promotion, Identification Guide, Photographs &
Current Values of Amer Teddy Bear Circa 1903-45

Beggar M. Cantine

Best of Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine

The Ultimate Authority, 1992 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Big Bear Book

Dee Hockenberry, 1996 Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Big Bear's Book by Himself

Christina Bjork, 1994 R&S Books

Bing Bears and Toys

Ken Yenke, 2000 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Buying & Selling Teddy Bears

Terry and Doris Michaud, 2000 Portfolio Press

Button in Ear

Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik, 1989 Julich

Button in Ear, The History of Tedd Bear and His Friends

Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik

The Century of the Teddy Bear

Constance Eileen King, 1997

Collecting Teddy Bears

Pam Hebbs, 1992 New Cavendish Books

Collecting Teddy Bears

Sally Taylor,1996 Todtri Productions Limited, Smithmark Publishers

Collector Steiff Values

Peter Consalvi, 1994 Hobby House Press, Inc.

2nd Collector Steiff Values

Peter Consalvi, Sr., 1996 Hobby House Press, Inc.

A Collector's History of the Teddy Bear

Patricia W. Schoonmaker, 1981 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Teddy Bears

Jacki Brooks, 1990 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Constant Friends, The Victoria Scrapbook of Ophelia B. Clise

Michele Durkson Clise, 1992 Penguin Books

Contemporary Teddy Bear Price Guide, Artists to Manufacturers

Terry & Doris Michaud, 1992 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Doll & Teddy Bear Department:
Memorable Catalog Pages from the Legendary Sears
Christmas Wishbooks of the 1950's and 1960's

Thomas W. Holland(Editor), Roebuck and Company Sears, 1997

Edward Bear Esq. : The True Story of the Astonishing Achievements of Teddy

Michele Brown, 1997

Enchanting Friends...

Dee Hockenberry, 1995 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Fourth Teddy Bear & Friends Price Guide

Linda Mullins, 1993 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Gallery of Teddy Bears

Linda Hartman, 1996 Hobby House, Inc.

Hugglets World of Teddy Bears - Interactive CD-ROM


Indentification & Price Guide - Winnie the Pooh Collectibles

Carol Smith, 1996 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Indentification & Price Guide - Winnie the Pooh Collectibles, II

Carol Smith, 1996 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Linda Mullins' Teddy Bears & Friends Identification & Price Guide

Linda Mullins, Hobby House Press

The Little Book of Bear Care

Pauline Cockrill, 1992 Dorling Kindersley Limited

The Little Book of Celebrity Bears

Pauline Cockrill, 1992 Dorling Kindersley Limited

The Little Book of Traditional Bears

Pauline Cockrill, 1992

The Magic of Merrythought

John Axe, 1986 Hbby House Press, Inc.

More Enchanting Friends...

Dee Hockenberry, 1998 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Muffy Vanderbear : Identification & Price Guide

Ann Gehlbach, 1997

Official Price Guide to Antique & Modern Teddy Bears

Kim Brewer & Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh, 1990 Random House, Inc.

The Raikes Bear and Doll Story

Linda Mulllins, 1993 Hobby House, Inc.

Raikes Bear & Doll Story, 2nd Edition

Linda Mullins, 1994 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Secret Lives of Teddy Bears

Rosalie Upton, 1996 Harper Collins World

Steiff Bears and Other Playthings Past and Present with Price Guide

Dee Hockenberry, 2000 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Steiff Dolls, Teddy Bears, Animals Price Guide

Edith and Johan Koskinen

Steiff - Sortiment, 1947-1995 (German)

Guther Pfeiffer,Taunusstein 1995

Steiff-Teddy Bears Love for a Lifetime

Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik, 1994 Julich

Steiff Toys Revisited

Jean Wilson, 1989 Wallace-Homestead Book Company

Tales of Teddy Hermann

Rolf and Christel Pistorius, 1994 Kunstverlag Weinfarten GmbH, Weingarten

The Teddy Bear A B C

Dorling Kindersley, 1995 DK Publishing, Inc.

Teddy Bear : A Loving History of the Classic Childhood Companion

Gustav Severin, Klaus Obermeier (Photographer)

Teddy Bear Artist's Annual, Who's Who in Bear Making

1989 Hobby House Press

The Teddy Bear Book

Peter Bull, 1983 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Teddy Bear Book, Revised Edition

Peter Bull, 1987 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Teddy Bear Catalog

Peggy & Alan Bialosky, 1980 Workman Publishing

The Teddy Bear Companion

Dee Hockenberry, 1995 Cowles Magazine Inc.

Teddy Bear Encyclopedia

Pauline Cockrill, 1993

Teddy Bear Encyclopedia, Makers Dates, Descriptions

Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik

Teddy Bear Figurines Price Guide

Jesse Murray, 1996 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The Teddy Bear Hall of Fame:

A Century of Historic Bears Presented by the Teddy Bear Museum

Michele Brown, Gerrit Buntrock (Photographer), 1998

Teddy Bear, Identification and Price Guide

Edith and Johan Koskinen

TheTeddy Bear Lover's Companion

Ted Menten, 1991 Courage Books

The Teddy Bear Men: Historical Guide for Collector's

Linda Mullins, 1987 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Teddy Bear Postcard Book

Jurgen Spohn, 1985 Running Press

The Teddy Bear Sourcebook for Collectors and Artist

Argie Manolis, 1996 Betterway Books

Teddy Bear Treasury, Identification and Values

Ken Yenke, 2000 Collectors Books

Teddy Bears

Judy Sparrow, 1993 Brompton Books Corp.

Teddy Bears

Philippa & Peter Waring, 1984 Treasure Press

Teddy Bears : A Complete Guide to Selecting, Restoring,
and Enjoying new and Vintage Teddy Bears

Margaret and Gerry Grey, 1994 Quintet Publishing Limited

Teddy Bears: A Complete Guide to History, Collecting, and Care

Sue Pearson and Dottie Ayers, 1995 Macmillan

Teddy Bears, An Anthology of Verse & Prose

1995 Annes Publishing Limited, 1994 Smithmark Publishers, Inc.

Teddy Bears & Steiff Animals

Margaret Fox Mandel, 1994 Collector's Books

Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals by Hermann Teddy Original, 1913-1998

Milton R. Friedberg, 1999 Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Teddy Bears Images of Love

Ho Phi Lee, Hobby House Press

Teddy Bears Past & Present, A Collector's Identification Guide

Linda Mullins, 1986 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Teddy Bears Past & Present, Vol. II

Linda Mullins, 1991 Hobby House Press, Inc.

Teddy Bears : The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier

Margaret and Gerry Grey, 1996 Quintet Publishing Limited

Tribute to Teddy Bear Artists

Linda Mullins, 199? Hobby House Press, Inc.

2nd Tribute to Teddy Bear Artists

Linda Mullins, 1996 Hobby House Press, Inc.

The UK Teddy Bear Guide 1999

Hugglets, 1999

The Ultimate Teddy Bear Book

Pauline Cockrill, 1991 Dorling Kindersley Limited

The Ultimate Teddy Bear Journal

1991 Dorling Kindersley Limited

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