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Kelly Brown Brehm

Several factors have led to the success of Brown Brehm Bears.
Throughout Kelly's childhood, she loved to spend her time sewing stuffed animals. Guided by her mother, Betty Brown, Kelly's talents as a seamstress blossomed.
While attending college and working part-time at a local furrier, Kelly developed a stuffed teddy bear company called Ewe Luv Creations for her marketing project. Ewe Luv Creations were sheepskin teddy bears and animals created at a local furrier.
In 1983, after graduating college with a BFA in Communications Arts, Kelly pursued her career as a commercial artist.
During the last past ten years, Kelly, a successful commercial artist, was not actively making teddy bears. Instead she and her husband Michael, enjoyed collecting them.
The most cherished teddy bears in their collection are the two wedding bears her late aunt, Verna Snyder, made for their wedding. Her aunt Verna had stylized the wedding gown after Kelly's own personally designed wedding gown. It was the untimely death, in 1992, of her aunt, that rekindled Kelly's desire to return to creating teddy bears.
As a tribute to her aunt, Kelly combines her love for collecting, her skill as a commercial artist and her inherited talents as a seamstress to create her award winning Brown Brehm Bears. With emotional support and assistance from Michael, "the critic", Kelly artfully designs her teddy bears to be the fearless companions collectors have come to love.
Brown Brehm Bears are handsomely handcrafted using the finest materials to last for generations of loving.
Kelly is also a juried member of the Reading-Berks Chapter Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

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